Will McNally

Born and raised in the UK from Irish and Cypriot roots, Will McNally is a self-taught artist who discovered that alongside his artistic passion he also wielded a natural aptitude for creating work that he and others found immense pleasure in. Whilst Will is UK-based, his reach is international and he has already worked with Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, as well as a multitude of the rich and famous from around the world. Currently showcasing his pieces in New York, Will has already found success across the United States despite his youth and relatively recent arrival on the art scene. 

Boasting clients from Los Angeles to Dubai, as well as great success in his home country, the future is already looking very bright for Will McNally. Taking a lot of his inspiration from modern art, as well as modern media – he is a huge, self-confessed fan of movie and musical legends, which you can evidently see in his pieces. Despite his love of pop-culture, Will is very proud of his roots and also strives to showcase his heritage and cultural background through his work. 

 Will’s pieces are unlike the majority of young artists that we see on the market as he has a unique take on very iconic snapshots or common portraits. His use of lighting is rarely seen in the field and showcases a vastly differing viewpoint on already fantastic artwork.

The work he creates is designed to appeal in part to the younger art investor, and his take on scenes from movies and artists we know and love gives his work a very stylised appeal. In an industry where the average age of the art purchaser is dropping by the day, there is a significant gap between posters that depict movies, music and television, and fine art that is exquisite but unrelatable. 

This is where Will McNally comes in, fitting into this niche and filling the need for those who wish to have artwork that they appreciate on a personal level as it strikes a direct chord with their lives. We all have favourite movies, favourite shots, favourite artists and albums, and yet the only way most people choose to show their love for the media is with film prints or posters.

Will depicts incredible portraits of movie stars, scenes and iconography, musicians and quotes which are perfect for the modern-day art collector. The style that Will uses means that your favourite scene from a film or artist will look equally at home in a bedroom, drawing room or dining room alongside more traditional artwork.

Some of his most recent work needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated, his use of neon lighting elevates his pieces to command the room; ranging from subtle to dominating, Will truly has pieces that cater to all tastes.

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15 products