A Way Of Life (Black & White)

A Way Of Life (Black & White)

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When setting out on planning my ‘Retrospective’ collection my intention was always to give music a strong presence as it is so often the catalyst that ignites a memory no matter how far down that resides.

I absolutely bloody love music, it has always had and always will have a huge influence in my art. I need music to set me free, to let me bleed. I love how an allegiance to a group can completely dominate the music you listen to, the clothes you wear and the wheels that you ride in on. I love how it becomes so much greater than the sum of it’s parts, how it takes over and becomes a way of life.
‘Quadrophenia’ has long been on the list of films to tackle for me, it was simply about timing.

The cult groups of the Mods and Rockers are so iconic and seeing as though the subject matter has been ‘done to death’ and largely in the same way I wanted to do something a little different.
I won’t profess to belonging to either of the two. I can’t ride a motorbike or a scooter, the closest I came was getting a bone-shaking ‘backy’ over the freshly ploughed fields of Great Barford as a kid and holding on to my mate’s big brothers motorbike as I rode back home on my Peugeot racer bike as he accelerated to the point that my tyres glowed a brighter red than all 4 cheeks. Yet my partner is desperate to own a Vespa so that’s good enough for me.

Research is a big part of the planning and the key detail that kept coming up was the ‘Battle of Brighton’ where the two groups caused havoc. That got me thinking, I focused on the pure passion that both sides had for their own whilst also the dislike they also held for their rivals. As Paula Abdul once told me, opposites attract so that was my hook for this piece.
What we see is the moment where two people, a Mod and a Rocker choose to meet and defy the rules to be together. Whether that be a courting couple or just mates is up to you but I love the sentiment, like a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, possibly. A sweet sacrifice.

This image is all about what you don’t see that makes it so personal. I wanted to create a beautiful piece of art yet one that has an edge to it. I love how the lighting completely changes everything, unifying all of the elements. I love the calmness, the warmth, the sense of a new dawn breaking and a moment cherished. Love will always find a way.