Savin' The Day Vinyl LP - MDV

Savin' The Day Vinyl LP - MDV

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Every great movie has a great soundtrack doesn’t it! You hear that song, and it catapults you straight back to that scene that you know and love.   

With Ghostbusters, some of the best songs are the ones that remind you of the scenes that maybe aren’t the so-called big moments, the quirky instrumentals that make you laugh. Whilst I was creating ‘Kick Its Ass!’ that was set in the ballroom, having that playing in the background was just brilliant!

November 2022 saw me release my first vinyl LP edition ‘WOW That’s What I F*cking Call Memories’ and it went down a treat! That was the sign that there would be plenty more, as everyone has their favourite album, or soundtrack. The format is so carefully considered and thought out that the result is pure nostalgia, without being stuffy. The editions are the perfect accompaniment to supporting print edition from the movie or to simply sit alongside other vinyl editions. It just makes sense!

Taking a previously sold-out image ‘Saving the Day’ and digitally remastering it into a collectible vinyl LP has turned out so well. All the vibrancy of the movies is captured within the intense hand painted details on the backboard, whilst the album cover is ageing and worn, well played for sure! Slimer features heavily, as he races towards you ready to cover you in his goo, and I couldn’t resist getting our favourite church flattening marshmallow man in there too, what a legend! So, hang this on your wall, grab your stick and put the needle on the record! Carefully!